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My Chiropractic Journey – 4th adjustment gamechanger

So it’s been nearly 10 days since my first adjustment. To recap I was first with Craig (couldn’t get over how clicky), Abie (I was hungover), Craig again (trying to relax into it) and today I had an adjustment with Ami-Bree. After my last session with Craig on Monday three hours later I went to the gym. I went hard, it was a small class, working in pairs trying to beat each other. The competitive side of me reared its ugly head and I went for it… I went especially hard on the last station, the dyno bike. I finished and felt like my head was full of cotton wool – it doesn’t help that the gym doesn’t have air con. The trainer said once I had a cold shower I should feel better. Cycled home, showered and still felt pretty out of it. Had a nap but my ears still felt full of water. The following day the left ear cleared up a little bit and by the day after the left was fine but the right still had a ringing in it – as if I had been at a gig last night stood next to the speaker (wishful thinking).

I was going to call my GP but following Drew saying to me that a Chiropractor had unblocked his ear I thought I’d wait until my next appointment.

I was looking forward to my adjustment with Ami, I had a lot of questions over how I was feeling and whether it was normal, I’d also heard a lot of good thing about Ami as a Chiropractor in general. I explained about the ear problem and also that I’ve been a bit stiff across the top of my shoulders and neck in the morning and she reassured me it was normal. Where my spine has sat in a certain way for the last 29 years the adjustments are clearing passages that have been blocked before. With my ears I could feel that the left felt different to the right. Ami was very gentle and almost more like a masseuse at times.

It is so interesting how all of the Chiropractors have different techniques. I asked about it and Ami said it varies due to where you were taught, what your beliefs are and what you find works for you.

With regards to how I’m feeling Ami said it was natural to feel tired like I am. My brain is currently working a lot harder to process all of the new nerves and information that has been opened up to it since I’ve had my adjustments. It makes total sense.

This session was a game changer for me for so many reasons. I know it’s okay to be a little achey in the mornings, Ami has reassured me that I’m not going deaf and actually already coming out of that session I can hear more out of my ear, the tiredness I’m feeling is linked to my sessions and is natural. Above all, seeing a new Chiropractor was fascinating, to see yet another session of techniques. If you see one Chiropractor and you’re not sure on whether it’s right for you it’s always worth seeing someone else to see if their practices and techniques are better suited to you.

4th adjustment from Jessica Rees on Vimeo.