Monday Motivation – October 8th

Hi all,

The bizarre places I seek interesting and health-promoting material surprises even me. As a father of two kids, ages nine and 11, sometimes I find amazing stuff in the material they use to keep up with current affairs. Other sources are the weekend papers, books, the news, the increasingly influential social media platforms, podcasts and discussions with my peers.

Here are my sources for this week…

Did you know a Chichester man has recently completed a journey over the Alps on a… SPACEHOPPER!? Yes, that’s right, he bounced his way over the alps for 17 days! Check out some BBC video footage here and ask yourself, “Could I bounce for 17 days on a spacehopper?” (I’m not sure I can, but I hope he has a good Chiropractor and gets to the gym!)

Speaking of the gym, and particularly if it’s not your thing, how about this for an idea? GoodGym helps you get fit by doing good. They’re a group of runners that combine regular exercise with helping our communities. Thanks to Doc Luke Mulvihill from Marylebone for that one!

Social media 
Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood’s highest-paid actor in 2017, is quite a unique and busy individual it appears. He’s a big fan of Chiropractic (he even travels with his Chiro and has been known to get adjusted at 30,000fton his private jet, as you do) but it’s his mind-bogglingly organised daily routine  that has everyone talking. Hint: it begins at 2:30am (!) and ends at 7:30pm. Could you do it?

The Freakonomics podcast is a new one for me, and even though I haven’t read the book that came out in 2009, it’s fast becoming my new fave (once you get over the super strong American accents). Have a listen to this episode interviewing disgraced US cyclist Lance Armstrong – insightful!

But if you aren’t into bikes, have a listen to this one about how to be happy – learning lessons from a Brit who moved to Denmark. And if you’ve ever wondered what “Hygge” is, fast-forward to the 19.30 mark of the podcast to find out the meaning of the Danish word!

There’s always been great talk of equal opportunity in sports, and with women’s leagues finally gaining popularity there is no better time throw your support behind our girls. Tomorrow, October 9, sees Australia vs England in the football at Craven Cottage, Fulham FC’s home ground, and tickets are still available here.

If you just need to chill after this wealth of information, click here as this is the most relaxing footage I’ve seen all year!

See you next time!

Craig McLean
Chiropractor and Founder of Chiro.London