Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation – November 5th

Morning all,

November is here and it’s sooooon nice to have crisp frosty mornings, clear (?) skies and cosy evenings by the fires… LOVE this time of the year!

1. Ready for a detox?  Denmark could be the next destination.  This place makes my cold showers in the morning routine look pretty rubbish… icy plunge pools, dry heat saunas and clean ocean water – sign me up!

2. I’ve reduced my caffeine intake recently and have substituted my morning coffee with this Chaga tea to help get me going in the mornings and have added this Reishi one to help me sleep.

3. Sleep – everyone wants more and nobody seems to get enough.  This is such an important and commonly overlooked aspect of our health that it’s worth bringing up again. I came across this man’s 6 month journey to hack his sleep and shared his results.

4. Want to be better?  Yep, thought so. Here are five VALUABLE skills you can develop for FREE.

5. Loved this short film Humankind – see the world in 4 mins.

6. If you’re looking to take your digital detox to the next level support these guys who have invented sunglasses that literally block out digital screens!  This is the world we live in now…

Enjoy the start of November!

Big love,

Luke X