Luke Brady


Luke supports people on their own unique journey to better health by teaching principles of health and how to apply them in our modern day lifestyles. He understands that Chiropractic can offer much more than pain relief; he sees it as an important tool to help people restore and maintain proper function and health.

Luke was first introduced to chiropractic when he was four-years old after he’d been suffering from asthma for most of his life. Chiropractic care helped remove nerve irritation to his lungs and immune system which dramatically improved his (and his family’s) health forever.

When he’s not in one of the Chiro.London clinics, he can be found trail running, cycling or in the Little Library Gym Barnes.

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“Whether it’s to improve performance at work, home, school or on the playing field or even to relieve pain & symptoms, with gentle care and a plan of action, amazing results can be realised.”Luke Brady