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At only five years old Luke watched as his mother suffered with chronic health issues including headaches and arthritis. With the help of a chiropractor she regained her health, and Luke knew what he wanted to do.

He graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic after which he worked in Clinics in London, Derby and Glasgow before joining our team. Luke firmly believes in educating patients about their health and how to help themselves.

He is committed to not only freeing them from pain and discomfort but to support them in ways they can lead a happy, healthy lifestyle and improve their health to the optimum level. Through his own family experience he knows that achieving good health can have a dramatic impact on the way you feel, your ability to enjoy life and on those around you.

Luke uses a wide variety of techniques, has completed numerous post-graduate courses to increase the scope of his practice and is currently studying with the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He is also a keen climber, and has previously enjoyed working with the British climbing team.

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“I have worked in several Chiropractic Clinics since graduating, all of which were different. I was delighted to be invited to join the team at the Chiro.London as they have a long standing reputation for providing exceptional quality care and feel they mirror my own approach to patients.”

– Dr Luke Grace

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Chiropractic Experience

For me chiropractic is not merely physical. It encompasses our mental, emotional, energetic and physical aspects. The exploration of this beautiful web within each of us has become an all encompassing journey.

I have been very fortunate to have incredible mentors on my chiropractic journey. Soon after graduating I was trained by the Chiropractor of the GB Bouldering team who introduced me to the phenomenal technique of muscle testing. He also showed me the beauty to be found in climbing. Around the same time I met Dr Kenneth Davis from New Jersey, a master at the art of muscle testing who was trained by some of the original great minds of Chiropractic. The lineage that I have been introduced to and the knowledge passed down is truly awe inspiring.

Muscle testing is a very accurate way to determine the true underlying dysfunction causing a clients pain when they are in a crisis. It is also phenomenal at fine fine tuning and optimising the function of a world class athletes, this is how I first witnessed it being used with the GB Bouldering team. Complemented by chiropractic adjustments which free blocked joints, stagnant energy and tight muscles, the nervous system is able to flourish and the body heal. This intelligence is the key to a vibrant life.

I have seen first had the the ultimate creative expression of this intelligence as my daughter was born completely naturally at home. The midwife only there for the last 11 minutes yet my wife in full control and connectedness as she listened to her body let it guide her through this amazing initiation for mother and child.

Regular chiropractic adjustments work to balance the connection between the left and right side of your body, the hemispheres of your brain and give clarity to the unity of you body and mind. With this level of care you essentially increase your sensitivity and perception of everything within and around you. Chiropractic goes beyond simply getting out of pain but embracing and experiencing life at its fullest.

Philosophy behind why I do what I do….

There is nothing more freeing than asking your body to do something knowing with certainty that it will be able to respond. Equally there is nothing more limiting than not having that faith in your physical body to move as you desire.

With movement, no matter what its intensity, a person can find a place of peace and connectedness. I look back at sport when I was younger, and the moments I really remember are not winning or loosing, but fractions of a second when I was in flow and felt truly connected within my being.

For me, and many others, there is a direct correlation between the creativity that I am able to express with my body and the quality of my life. If I suffer from a set back in the form of an overwhelming physical, mental or emotional challenge this impacts my movement, and my overall wellbeing suffers. This becomes a catalyst to many unhealthy habits. The most dangerous of these being my own negative thought patterns, which can I can allow block all that is beautiful in my life.

Movement is my meditation.


Since being introduced to climbing it has become my favourite way to experiment with new movement patterns, though it is far more than just movement. Through climbing you are able to learn about the patterns in your body, mind and emotions that hold you back as you challenge yourself on the wall.

I also go to yoga 2-3 times a week after completing a 30 day challenge with The Hot Spot Fulham when starting with The experience was profound with new mental and emotional levels reached from this practice , it continues to give me a solid, stable, foundation of flexibility.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is next on my list to explore. The adventure continues.

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