Sammy Kale Chiropractor


Chiropractic has been a large part of my life since the very day I was born, as my dad is also a Chiropractor back in Melbourne, Australia. Growing up I became increasingly fascinated with how he managed to keep my family so healthy, fit and functional!

I spent my childhood swimming, running and playing a lot of basketball, and enjoyed keeping active in every way. As I grew older my exercise of choice switched from competitive sport to boxing and interval training, as well as walking and running outdoors. Frequent chiropractic care has helped me to maintain the movement and function required to lead a very active lifestyle.

I knew from an early age that whatever profession I chose, I wanted to care for people. Clinical interests of mine include pre-and post-natal treatment, paediatric care, and different forms of rehabilitation to complement Chiropractic adjustments.

With my growing experience and knowledge of the human body has also come an extra interest and passion for nutrition and fuelling the body correctly. I firmly believe that your body will give back what you put in, and that most people would be amazed by what their own bodies were capable of, given the right care.

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“I love knowing that even when people are not in pain, that there are still improvements that can be made to their body to increase functionality and vitality. I enjoy caring for people of all ages, whatever their goal of treatment may be. “Sammy Kale