Our mission is to help Mums in London be healthier and happier through nourishing their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Being a Mum has never been easy and the pressures of 21st century living do nothing to ease that. We live in a whirlwind of social media, advice columns, career expectations and everything in between which can often cause us a unnecessary burden and create a unhealthy dose of extra stress.

As chiropractors, we firmly believe regular chiropractic care helps us achieve our mission of having happier and healthier Mums. We also know there is more to it than that. That’s why we’ve brought other Mum’s to share their stories of different aspects of motherhood.

Meet Anna…

Anna has three children and received regular chiropractic care through her pregnancies and into motherhood. This is her story.

So how can chiropractic help?

Many people think chiropractic is a way of treating back pain when in fact the reality is very different.

We all have a central nervous system. It’s our ‘master control’ and defines how we experience the world around us. It’s the link between our bodies and our brains. Make the pro-active decision to look after the health of your nervous system is one of the best ones you’ll ever make.

This is what chiropractic care does. It removes blockages from your spine to make sure your brain and body are in harmony because your nervous system is functioning properly.

Yes, chiropractic can help with back and shoulder pain, but it can also reduce stress and help you achieve the best version of you.

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