Spinal Awareness

Spinal health week is late May every year and this year we’ve put together a page to help you get and stay healthy. We’ve covered stress busting tips, some exercises to try and some help from Jamie Oliver on how to eat healthily. Watch the videos below.


This video is a great summary of the different stresses we put on our body in every day life and how they can take a toll on your body. The video summaries what you can do to counter these stressful effects on your body and also touches on what you shouldn’t do.

Check it out now.


These back and neck exercise videos are from our exercises page. They’re simple stretches and exercises you can do in the gym or at home to help care for your spine. There are some more advanced videos on the exercise page too. Try to remember to stretch and exercise your spine every day.


Jamie Oliver has always set about to make big changes when it comes what and how we’re eating as a nation.

Our body functions on what fuel we’re providing it so it’s important to eat well, keeping your diet balanced and nutritious.

Check out this video of a snippet of what to expect from one of his latest cookery books – Everyday Super Food.