Wellbeing at Work

Our wellbeing at work initiative is our attempt to help you keep your workforce happy, healthy, and feel valued as a result of our visit to your workplace.

What are we offering? We know office work comes with some challenges to your spinal and overall health. Sedentary habits, stress, deadlines and pressure can all lead to a spine that is tight and twisted and health can suffer from being in a state of stress and tension. We offer a service to come to you and give each member of your team an individual consultation with one of our chiropractors who will carry out a posture screening, provide them with a posture report (if appropriate) and an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have with their spinal health.

You can view an example of what the posture report looks like here.

How does it work? We liaise with your HR department or office manager and arrange a date and time that suits you for a visit. We email you a template to send out to your employees via your intranet or internal email network and create a sign-up sheet where each employee can book in with our chiropractor for a 10 minute slot.

What’s in it for you? People under chiropractic care frequently comment on how they sleep better, have improved concentration, less headaches and less illness as a result of having a spine and nervous system functioning better. This can mean better workforce productivity and fewer days lost to sickness.

What’s in it for us?
It’s an opportunity for us to meet local businesses and promote ourselves whilst attempting to help you.

How do we start?
Please contact us on events@chiro.london to arrange a time that suits you.

  • “My wife and I regularly get on the chiro table to help us stay relaxed and moving/functioning well, but I’ve found it especially useful for my large work force, many of whom are under regular care and it’s helped decrease absenteeism and general performance of the team.”

    David Dickinson, Founder and Owner, Ground Coffee Society
  • “As a runner I feel a chiropractor is an essential part of the my support crew, however my whole team at Profeet benefit from a regular tune up, which keeps them in good shape, energy levels high and helps keeps sick days to a minimum.”

    Richard Felton, Head Buyer and Foot Biomechanist, Profeet
  • “For years I put up with brain fog and mild headaches that I thought were normal when staring at my trading screens all day, however a few chiropractic adjustments later and a change in lifestyle (diet/exercise) I’ve a clearer head and my decision making and performance at work has improved.”

    Richard Watts, Senior Fund Manager, Henderson Global Investors
  • “Long hours at the desk has affected my posture and flexibility over the years. I use chiropractic as a way of keeping upright and decreasing the tension that builds up for the office. I only wish our Wellbeing Centre at London Bridge had a chiropractor working there so more of my team could get checked over, hence they too would perform better.”

    Andrew MacNab, Senior Analyst, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • “Chiro London group are our go to Chiropractors to help the performance of any of our squad who are struggling with an injury or performance issue”

    Peter Reedy, GB head coach of women lightweight rowing squad, British Rowing