Skiing & Winter Sports

We love skiing and winter sports. In fact, we’re mad about them.

Our aim is to get you skiing or snowboarding better, do it pain-free and to prepare your body to be thrown down a mountain.

Co-founder Dr Craig McLean, has been heavily involved in the ski industry since 1999 and he understands the particular demands skiing places on the body, especially the spine. Craig has been chiropractor to GB Winter Olympians, is a consultant to the Warren Smith Ski Academy and is a lecturer to the chiropractic profession about ski biomechanics. He now runs five clinics and has a team of chiropractors who all understand what is needed to allow you to perform at your best, pain-free on and off the mountain.

So, if you love skiing, snowboarding and winter sports we’d love to speak to you. We’ll help you prepare in the best possible way by getting your brain and body talking to each other in the right way. By improving the way your central nervous system functions, you’ll be maximising your enjoyment and performance when it comes to winter sports.

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Check out the videos below to find out more about why skiing and chiropractic are the perfect match…

From the top, the videos are Doc Craig talking to ski-boot specialists ProFeet, winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott talking about her experience with chiropractic, Doc Craig shredding, ski specific exercises and an explanation of ski fitness and biomechanics from the slopes of Sweden.

Doc Craig talking to ski-boot specialist ProFeet.

Winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott talking about her experience with chiropractic.

Skiing in the massive storm that hit Chamonix late January 2015.

Ski fitness and biomechanics with Doc Craig.

How to get powerful for skiing.

Check out more of our videos on our Vimeo account.

Why chiropractic?

If a blockage is found in your low back, hips or anywhere in your lower extremity a course of chiropractic adjustments can release tension and allow your body to move without pain or restriction.

We’ve worked with many skiers, from very experienced to total novices and nearly everyone, to some extent, is compromised with their movement and flexibility on the slopes. We also work in association with specialised ski boot fitters and ski coaches so all three areas are covered with regards to correct equipment, coaching and body performance.

If imbalances are found in either the biomechanics or the neurology then a course of treatment is set to attempt to resolve these blockages. Benefits can include improvement in:

Skiing turn preference – commonly linked to a restricted hip, low back or lower limb blockage

Back pain elimination

Knee pain (Commonly knee pain is linked to a pelvic imbalance)

Sciatica – or nerve pain into the legs commonly caused by a back problem

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