Craig McLean


In 2015, with Luke Brady, we founded the Chiro.London group after being annoyed with the difficulty of finding a good chiropractor in London. We now have a great team covering much of SW London and I’m proud to say we are well on the way to providing quality chiropractic care to London.

I graduated from Chiropractic college from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (R.M.I.T) Australia in 1994 and took over Putney Chiropractic Centre (est. 1986) in 2002. I grew up in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and first came to the UK in 1999. I settled in London with my wife Gail and we have two international kids who love the UK and Australia.

I became a chiropractor originally because I liked the simplicity behind the concept of using the spine to improve someones health – without the need for drugs or surgery. I practice this principle and love to promote ‘the healthy spine, healthy you’ concept. I’m now fortunate enough to have a wider impact with around 10 chiropractors providing better access to chiropractic than my one pair of hands ever could.

Outside of chiropractic, I am a cycling nut, who still in my mid 40s regularly competes in amateur cycling both on the road and track. I focus on national masters events, but still mix it up with the up coming GB talent on a National B level. I ride for Nuun Sigma Sport London Race team – a sponsored but amateur group of racing addicts.

Skiing keeps me happy in the long British winters, I need my back country escapes each year and I’ve combined my skiing with becoming ‘the Ski Doc’ to many of GBs top skiers.

I still practice in Putney and Kew, Putney is only by direct referrals, I do have appointment availability in Kew – book on the button below.

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“It’s my mission to normalise the concept of attending a chiropractor, not just when you are ‘broken’ but as a way of staying healthy, balanced and stress free. Olympic athletes use us perform at their best why wouldn’t you?”Craig McLean