At Chiro London we have a team of chiropractors ready to listen to your concerns and try find a solution to any back pain problems you may be experiencing.

We have been helping Londoners for over 25 years and have recently expanded to cover Central and South West London.

When you are new to us we will…

1. Perform a thorough health history and examination.

2. Offer you an option to have a spinal x-ray.

3. We will outline a bespoke course of action to help you resolve your problem.

4. We will use chiropractic techniques that are suitable to your case – sometimes they are soft and gentle – other times deeper and more enthusiastic.

5. We will regularly perform a review to ensure you are getting the most from your care.


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Life constantly throws challenges at us. Whether that’s our health, our lifestyle, our work habits, injury or stress, there’s always going to be obstacles to overcome. We put you in the best position to overcome these obstacles by putting your health first, restoring it and helping you function the way you were meant to.

Our doors are open to all and we want everyone to experience chiropractic and make an informed choice without prejudice as to whether it is right for you at this time to incorporate into your optimal health and life plan.

Our founders are chiropractors Craig Mclean and Luke Brady. As well as being Doctors of Chiropractic, Craig is a quasi-pro cyclist and Luke is a vegan ultramarathon runner. They’ve dedicated much of their lives to finding ways they can improve their own health and performance.

They’ve gathered a team of experts who lead by example eating, moving and thinking in a way that promotes optimal health. They aim to motivate and encourage you to do the same.

Our chiropractors use the spine as a way to improve nerve function hence your brain and body communicate without interference and is therefore more resilient to all that life throws at us.

Let us share what we’ve learnt with you.


Our blog includes insight from our team into ways you can improve your health and wellbeing covering everything from nutrition and exercise to performance and mindfullness. You’ll also find our latest news and offers in out blog.