Kew Chiropractic Clinic changed to become Chiro.London/Kew in 2017. We’ve been at the current location since 1970 and have been proudly looking after the local community for nearly 50 years. You’ll find us only a five minute walk from Richmond Station – meaning we’re actually closer to Richmond than Kew!

Dr Paul Danford, who’s been at the clinic since 1985 is still one of the primary Chiropractors, however he has been joined by two great Australian Chiropractors. They’re also joined by Alex – our resident sports rehabilitation and massage – find out more information about them all below.

If you’re suffering from back pain, recovering from injury or simply want your body to perform and function at its best then you’re in the right place.

To book call us on 0208 948 2744, email or use the link below.


Regular Visit


  • Spinal adjustment



Internal referral
  • £25 per image external referral



45 minutes
  • £40 for 20 minutes
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Pack of 8


  • Book a block of 8 adjustments and save £40

We are covered by most major insurance companies. However, we would advise contacting your insurance company prior to attending to clarify if you will be covered.

We do not offer a direct billing service for any insurers. Payment is required in full at the time of appointment and we will gladly issue you a receipt to claim this back yourself.

Please do not ask us to compromise on this clinic policy as refusal may offend.

Meet the Practitioners

Paul Danford – Chiropractor

Paul was brought up and educated in Surrey. His father was a dentist and throughout his school years, he thought that he would follow in his footsteps. At the age of 15, he suffered horrendous lower back and leg pains after lifting a suitcase while holidaying with his parents in France. Once back in the UK he saw his GP on numerous occasions and took painkillers for months; nothing helped.

Eventually, he saw a specialist who suggested an operation, something he did not look forward to at such a young age. As a last resort, his father took him along to see his chiropractor. Within two weeks he was free of pain and back to normal, and the rest is history.

Meet Dr Paul

Craig McLean – Chiropractor

Craig’s mission is to normalise the concept of attending a chiropractor, not just when you are ‘broken’ but as a way of staying healthy, balanced and stress free. Olympic athletes use us perform at their best why wouldn’t you? Craig became a chiropractor originally because he liked the simplicity behind the concept of using the spine to improve someone’s health – without the need for drugs or surgery. Craig practices this principle and loves to promote ‘the healthy spine, healthy you’ concept.

Meet Dr Craig

Luke Brady – Chiropractor

Luke was first introduced to chiropractic when he was four-years old after he’d been suffering from asthma for most of his life. Chiropractic care helped remove nerve irritation to his lungs and immune system which dramatically improved his (and his family’s) health forever.

When he’s not in one of the Chiro.London clinics, he can be found trail running, cycling or in the Little Library Gym Barnes.

Meet Dr Luke

Michael Lezuo – Chiropractor

After graduating from the AECC in Bournemouth in 2014, I decided to stay in the UK rather than going back to Italy. So my journey took me to the countryside in East Anglia where I worked in a family practice treating people from all walks of life. Also it gave me the opportunity to fulfil my passion and treat animals no matter if pet or athlete.

After a while I decided to find another challenge and found my place at Chiro.London.

Meet Dr Michael

Alex Williams – Sports Rehabilitation & Massage

Alex qualified as a Sports Rehabilitator in 2015 and is also a certified Personal Trainer. His experiences as a practitioner are working with both professional rugby and football teams. Alex has also worked in Central London treating a vast range of musculoskeletal injuries. Alex is a fully accredited member of BASRaT. His passion lies in identifying the underlying cause of a complaint and then to restore the body back to optimal function to facilitate natural healing, thereby promoting on-going injury prevention.

Meet Alex

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